More press takes on Baltimore

"'He severed his own spinal cord' is the new 'he reached for my gun,'" tweets legal affairs writer Cristian Farias, after a source told the Washington Post that Freddie Gray was "intentionally trying to injure himself" during the van ride (nearing 40,000 shares as of this moment). "Not trolling, but is it even humanly possible to sever your own spine?" wonders Vivian Ho with the San Francisco Chronicle. At The New Yorker, Caitlin Kelly was even less convinced: "This Schrödinger's van bullshit is insane, and people will eat it up, and BPD knows it." But not everyone was a skeptic: "This report from Washington Post is even bigger than how Michael Brown didn't have his hands up," concludes Matthew Boyle at Breitbart.

It should surprise no one that TIME Magazine's latest cover story tackles the roots of Baltimore’s riot (~2,000 shares), but what does astound is who shot the accompanying cover photo: a 26-year-old amateur "aspiring" photographer from West Baltimore (3,400+). "Taking a cover for @TIME means you no longer have to say you're an 'aspiring' photographer," remarks's Ryan Teague Beckwith. As for that Orioles game that went on with no audience, 94-year-old baseball writer Roger Angell shows he can still turn a phrase in his report admiring the silence of the fans (1,700+). "Nobody else needs to write about the O’s game today since Roger Angell did," insists Wall Street Journal's Reid Epstein. On the other hand, Yoni Appelbaum at The Atlantic was not a fan: "Roger Angell has written many great things about baseball. This is not among them." He later elaborated, "Oh, for the simple dignity of a time when 'player-fan violence was not atypical'." Okay, now we're picking up what you're putting down.

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