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"Congratulations to all you Charlottes out there - your name just became more interesting," announces Daniella Matar with the Associated Press, as royal gun salutes took place in honor of Britain's new princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana (2,200 shares and rising). The name announcement came two days after the baby's birth on Saturday (3,700+). With a simultaneous nod to granddad Charles, great grandmother the Queen, and the dearly beloved People's Princess, surely Tina Brown will be hailing this as yet another "perfect thing" pulled off by Duchess Kate. "Got all the major parents/grandparents in there. Nice name for the new baby princess," concludes Philadelphia Inquirer's Ellen Dunkel. Saved You A Click would rather you didn't click on any links related to the #RoyalBaby, but here's an updated family tree, anyway. "Both our names got in @JennaNFreeman!" realizes Stefan Keyes at Global News, adding the hashtag #weekendMorningNewspredicts. 

Speaking of names, Carly Fiorina announced her candidacy for president this weekend, but unfortunately for her, she failed to register this domain involving her name (2,100+). "How many times does Twitter need to say it: If you're running for office, buy ALL POSSIBLE DOMAIN NAMES," tweets Kayla Epstein with the Guardian US. Here's 12 things to know about Fiorina. Ben Carson, too, has just thrown his hat into the Republican ring (14,000+ shares), but will be postponing his first rally to say goodbye to his ailing mother. "Dr. Carson, who spent much of his life working on the human brain, is losing his mother in a battle with Alzheimer’s," reports Washington Post's Ben Terris. At his presidential announcement, Carson already won some points with the theme music. At BuzzFeed LGBT, Saeed Jones reacts, "*spits out seltzer* Gospel Choir Sings Eminem’s 'Lose Yourself' At Ben Carson’s Presidential Announcement."

This Monday we are also remembering David Goldberg, husband of Sheryl Sandberg and CEO of SurveyMonkey, as well as his lifetime of advocating for women (15,000+). "Now that he is gone... the pages of 'Lean In' carry a new sting of loss," realizes Dasha Afanasieva at Reuters. He passed away suddenly on Friday at age 47. In Texas, gunfire was reported at what some are calling an "anti-Islam" event, leaving the two shooters dead and a guard injured (25,000+). One of the suspects has been identified. "One of two Texas gunmen had been watched for years, considered a terrorist wannabe. Lived in North Phoenix," details LA Times' Marc Duvoisin. In Menasha, Wisconsin, police will also be holding a news conference today following a shooting spree there. And in the wake of Saturday's "fight of the century," NYT's Dan Barry would like you to meet Mago, a former heavyweight (5,300+). At the APMatt Sugam urges, "Forget anything on Mayweather-Pacquiao. This story from @DanBarryNYT is the best boxing piece you'll read all weekend."

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