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"Fake it til you fake it," tweets Bloomberg NewsZachary Tracer, summarizing the methodology behind how some men fake an 80-hour workweek, and why it matters (~12,000 shares and rising). "Who knew! Some men fake being work-alcoholics rather than ask to make it home for 6pm dinner," realizes Catherine Saint Louis with the New York Times. At the Globe and MailDoug Saunders offers three takeaways: "a) most people who say they work 80-hour weeks really work like 35; b) they're usually guys; c) why?" AP's Lori Hinnant came to a slightly different conclusion: "WSJ says 40-hour week is a thing of the past; NYT says men are [successfully] faking 80-hour weeks. 60 hours, anyone?" Meanwhile, for the top 25 hedge fund managers, a difficult 2014 still paid well.

In New York, Mayor de Blasio is irked by a subway delay and mistakenly "cc"s an NY Times journalist in the process (~2,700 shares so far). "Mayors: They're just like us," quips Salon's Lindsay Abrams. "It's kind of amazing (awesome?) for de Blasio to pause in his subway rage to add email formatting like bullet points," notes Mashable's Heidi Moore. Across the country, the Seattle Times is hot on the trail of the Seattle Hawks, who seemingly didn’t interview witnesses to an ugly hotel incident involving a draft pick (1,400+). "Really bad smell here, Seahawks. Doing diligence consisted of only talking to the player?" asks Jeff Rosen, sports editor for the Kansas City Star. "Tons of Seahawks fans didn't like the criticism I had for Frank Clark pick/draft. Still saying that after this?" wonders national college sports writer Bryan Fischer. In rural Indiana, the population is struggling to contend with an H.I.V. outbreak, and the closing quote will break your heart. "Well if this isn't the most depressing end to an article ever," reacts Wirecutter's Jacqui Cheng. Read it, and indeed, weep.

Abroad, as one might have expected, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Texas attack (6,200+). "#ISIS threatens more attacks in US after #garlandshooting Says 'future attacks are going to be harsher and worse'," details CNN Digital's Saeed Ahmed. Australia's ambassador to France has offered his resignation after a "bizarre" airport incident involving prime minister Tony Abbott (6,800+). Bernard Keane with Crikey.com (!) responds, "Abbott wanted Ambassador's same-sex partner to 'wait in the car'? Seriously? WTF? Unbelievable." Later this week, British voters will go to the polls in what's being called "one of the closest political contests in decades" and when that happens, this interactive map will bring you minute-by-minute coverage (1,200+). And in Europe, by the way, it's not Greek's ATMs that are running out of cash--it’s Germany’s.

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