On press and politics

TIME Magazine is touting its exclusive with India's prime minister Narendra Modi, a cover story written by Nikhil Kumar (that's at 1,800+ shares right now). "Our man in India @nkreports has been busy," realizes TIME's Sam JacobsQuartz's Annalisa Merelli had a bone to pick with it, though: "Long interview with Modi in @TIME--feels like a promotional opportunity for the prime minister. No tough questions." And only a day after John Koblin with the New York Times exposed Al Jazeera America's turmoil, AJAM's chief executive has been ousted. "Ok. So @koblin had a totally normal day at the office, writing a NYT piece that got the CEO of Al Jazeera fired," tweets colleague Jacob Bernstein, which is a pretty accurate assessment.

Over at Columbia Journalism ReviewJackie Spinner explores how local reporters are using Instagram. "Interesting nugget in this @CJR story: Instagram looking at desktop," notices WSJ's Todd Olmstead. Also in tech, here's WSJ's exclusive look at Facebook’s new HQ, where no one has an office. At Politico Europe's Peter Jukes thinks the British press officially has lost it and that "the UK elections may not be remembered as much for the outcome as the way the media covered it." And just for fun, you should be aware that McDonald's is bringing back the Hamburglar, but he looks a little bit, um, different. "So the hamburglar grew up to be a hottie?" asks DecodeDC's Miranda Green, seemingly confused. "Next, Grimace is reimagined as a svelte young woman in a purple American Apparel onesie," predicts Ian Froeb at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Mike McIntyre of the Winnipeg Free Press tweets"OK, the new Hamburglar is downright creepy. Why is he shushing? What secrets does he want kids to keep?!" Oh, and speaking of McD's, James Franco just penned a loving ode to them, claiming, "McDonald’s was there for me when no one else was."

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