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In an $85 million deal, Tribune Publishing (a.k.a. the parent company of the Los Angeles Times) has agreed to buy U-T San Diego, "combining two of Southern California's oldest and most recognizable media companies" (nearing 4,000 shares now), thereby expanding its reach in Southern California. "Wow, I can still remember my first days at both papers. My heart pounding, feeling so much pride," shares San Francisco Chronicle's Stacy Finz. On the other hand, NYT's Michael Roston admits, "I don't understand this at all." Meanwhile, WaPo's J duLac points out an "[u]nexpected (if useful) copy block in this story about the @latimes owner buying @UTsandiego." Ken Doctor bills it as Tribune Publishing wrapping its arms around San Diego like some sort of squid beast. There's your mental image for the day!

In tear-jerkers, Erin Lee Carr remembers her father David in a moving tribute published on "I wrote about losing my mentor and father David Carr @carr2n. Took every ounce to write, hope he would be proud of it," she tweets. "For those of us who loved David Carr this piece by @erinleecarr on losing a Dad in the twitter age is special," reflects The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates. Simultaneously, The Intercept tells us that the U.S. government somehow labeled an Al Jazeera journalist as "Al Qaeda" and placed him on a suspected terrorist watch list. "Not content w/ bombing its offices/sending its cameramen to Gitmo, US labeled Al Jazeera journo 'member of Al Qaeda'," snarks First Look Media's Liliana Segura. And as for your last "must-read" from the watercooler, don't miss Kate Fagan's deep-dive for ESPN on how a young athlete's Instagram account only showed part of her story.

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