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Yesterday Seymour M. Hersh of The New Yorker and Pulitzer'd renown dropped the mother of all Mother's Day gifts, and it came in the form of rewriting everything we thought we knew about the killing of Osama bin Laden (which has collected 32,000 shares and rising). So now the question we're all pondering is this: did Obama lie about Osama? According to Hersh, there was no raid, no courier, no compound, no weapon on Osama, and no sea burial. "Hey remember Kathryn Bigelow's 'journalistic approach' to 0Dark30? It just went out Seymour Hersh's window," summarizes Mashable's Evan Engel. "If true, this is the biggest scoop this century," predicts Wall Street Journal's David Roman. "Can everyone pls read Seymour Hersh's @LRB #BinLaden piece so we can discuss? My head is spinning," pleads freelance journalist Carmel Melouney.

Per usual, however, not everyone is convinced. "I heard the next Sy Hersh piece is about how the Mona Lisa was delivered to us by aliens," snarks Pacific Standard's Nicholas Jackson. WSJ's Joe Light chimes in, "This part of the story seems accurate...'Seymour M. Hersh is writing an alternative history of the war on terror.'" Meanwhile, Vox's Max Fisher has offered a rebuttal that's earned 1,700 shares of its own so far. Fisher even offers an explanation as to why Hersh's piece was published in the London Book Review, as shared by New York Magazine's Jennifer Senior: "The NYer rejected Sy Hersh's story 'repeatedly, to the point of creating bad blood between Hersh and David Remnick.'" Reyhan Harmanci with Atlas Obscura relents, "Ugh I GUESS it's possible we didn't fake OBL killing." Although Glenn Greenwald of First Look Media cautions, "There's a direct correlation between a) spewing DC's CW while breaking no news ever & b) eagerness to mock Sy Hersh."

But, hold up. What's the take from CNN's Peter Bergen? "Hersh's account of the bin Laden raid is a farrago of nonsense that is contravened by a multitude of eyewitness accounts, inconvenient facts and simple common sense," Bergen writes. Alrighty, then.

Well, here's a piece of news that we can all support: New York's governor Andrew Cuomo just ordered emergency measures to protect nail salon workers, so if you didn't already think Sarah Nir was a shoe-in for a 2016 Pulitzer, you've been robbed of your last excuse: Cuomo will introduce salon-by-salon investigations, new rules to protect manicurists from dangerous chemicals, and a six-language education campaign to inform workers of their rights. "Why journalism still matters. Amazing work @SarahMaslinNir," applauds Kaitlin Ugolik with Institutional Investor Magazine. "Journalism can, without exaggeration, change the world," asserts novelist Stephen Marche. We're genuinely teary here right now.

In other news, banks are prepping their defense for anti-Wall Street campaigns as Elizabeth Warren fires back at Obama (here’s what they’re really fighting about). Bashar al-Assad's spy chief has been arrested over a Syria coup plot. OPEC is forecasting low oil prices for the next decade. And on the political trail, Hillary's camp must grapple with a big question: What to do with Bill? Candidate for best quote, ever: "Bill Clinton is like nuclear energy. Use it properly, it's enormously helpful. Misuse it, it can be catastrophic."

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