Monday media mêlée

May 11, 2015

Today we are remembering the Toronto Star's Barbara Turnbull, who overcame a debilitating injury to "carve out a superlative career." Despite being shot in the neck as a teenager, which severed her spinal cord and left her a high-level quadriplegic, Turnbull blazed an enviable career and championed disability rights as well as organ donation. "Barb Turnbull was a mentor who struck perfect balance btn not letting her handicap define her and being an activist," reflects colleague Marco Oved. "So sorry to hear of the death of @barbturnbull; a lovely woman who showed me much kindness at @TorontoStar," shares another coworker Susan Delacourt. Journalist Antonia Zerbisias tweets, "I can't bear it. RIP dear friend Barbara Turnbull. Grace, generosity, courage ... and MUSIC." Our thoughts are with her loved ones and colleagues today.

The latest in beloved Twitterfeeds undeniably is "Florida Man," which pumps out a ridiculous but true-to-life twitterstream of bizarre and mostly criminal behavior by various men who call Florida home (3,000+ shares so far). "Wait. @_FloridaMan has his own craft beer?!" asks Google Venture's MG Siegler. From that piece, your amazing quote of the day: reporting on Florida crime is "not just shooting fish in a barrel ... but shooting mutated, deranged, slow-moving fish."

In major entertainment news, the show American Idol will end its run in 2016. "Our national nightmare is over (well at least one of them)," notes Fortune's Barb Darrow. Also, breaking news, guys: Kanye smiled for a minute. "I love that Kanye is such a miserable git that a brief smile makes global news," marvels CNBC's Arjun Kharpal. "Remember your brand, @kanyewest," cautions Mashable's Ryan Lytle. And although America celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, John Oliver just shone a glaring spotlight on the country's hypocrisy: "You can't go on and on about how much you love mothers, and then fail to support legislation that makes life easier for them." 

Finally, we'd like to turn your attention to the UK's Local Newspaper Week, an annual initiative by the local newspaper industry to "highlight the important role played by local papers in communities." Vote now for your favo(u)rite campaign!

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