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May 12, 2015

"George Zimmerman, the ultimate #FloridaMan, slightly hurt in shooting," quips Bloomberg View's James Greiff, after Zimmerman suffered minor injuries in a shooting incident yesterday (25,000 shares so far). Yes. Another incident. "So… George Zimmerman lives in the wild west or something?" wonders Roxane Gay. "I guess the best society can hope for is that sooner or later George Zimmerman runs out of ammo," wistfully tweets Network World's Paul McNamara. Although it's worth noting that this time, it doesn't look as if Zimmerman started it, but we'll wait for more information. "Who's the good guy with the gun and who's the bad guy with the gun?" asks NY Daily News' Josh Greenman, posing a valid question. "Poor George Zimmerman just seems to have the WORST luck with guns, you know? Weird," snarks podcaster David Waldman. But we'll just defer to everyone's new favorite Twitter account, @_FloridaMan, who perfectly billed it, "Florida Man Reportedly Shot, Learns Cruel Lesson in Irony." This guy just flat out refuses to ride off quietly into the sunset.

It's now Day 3 of the Sy Hershel bombshell, and NBC News is stepping forward to confirm a few key points (abeit far from all) that he made. Such as the fact that Pakistanis did know where bin Laden was. "The questions are whether the Pakistanis told us where Osama was and whether they knew we were going to kill him," points out Business Insider's Hunter Walker. NBC is also backing up the claim that OBL was outed by a "walk-in," not a courier. "CIA's tale about torture leading to bin Laden was always bullshit. But now we know it was made up out of thin air," tweets Trevor Timm with Guardian US

The other big news this morning is that Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion, with an eye on expanding its mobile video and advertising offerings. Wall Street Journal's Dennis Berman calls it a war of all against all while Fortune's Erin Griffith emphasizes that Verizon bought AOL for advertising, not content.

Meanwhile, the White House just gave conditional approval for Shell to drill in the arctic. Pew Research just released a study on the state of religion in America that will get you thinking. Across the world, another earthquake shook Nepal, this time closer to China's epicenter, which has killed dozens more. And finally, Ireland could become the first country in the world to pass marriage equality by popular vote.

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