Media meanderings

The New York Times/Facebook deal is here, or if you're Adam Schweigert, you should read that as "The Unholy New York Times–Facebook Marriage Is Here ... (fixed your headline for you)." Whether you're ready or not, welcome to instant articles, where the only winner seems to BuzzFeed. Simultaneously, the Columbia Journalism Review has just unveiled its brand new issue and it's the very first student edition of CJR with an ambitious goal: "14 students. 10 weeks. One search for media's cutting edge." Also, have you found yourself wondering what Shingy thinks of the AOL-Verizon deal? Wonder no more: "It's pretty cool, man." But would he go so far as to call it ... "far out?"

But let us pause for a moment here, to remember the recently passed William Zinsser, the man who gifted us with "On Writing Well." And yes, we know you have a copy (we have two). "A tweet is a pathetic way to honor Bill Zinsser, author of 'On Writing Well,' who has died. But honor is due," admits NYT's Clyde Haberman. "Omit a needless word in his honor today," suggests Chicago Tribune's John Keilman.

And now, a reflection on questions! Here are the only 13 questions Hillary has answered from the press since her campaign started. Here is the one question you are absolutely not allowed to ask Prince Charles (or you'll get your mic ripped away from you). Here be 11 questions for NYT exec editor Dean Baquet, one year into his reign. And here is the one question that stumps every Republican 2016er. That's all thanks to CNN's Chris Moody, who tweets, "The best answers to 'greatest living president' question would've been: 1) Cheney 2) Zombie Reagan 3) I WILL BE."

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