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May 13, 2015

"Hi, while you are worrying about Saida's tweets, here is how racism actually works and actually harms people," explains Ebony's Jamilah LeMieux, linking to DW Gibson's report on the grim, racist methods of one Brooklyn landlord (at 20,000+ shares now). "If you're black and live in hot parts of BK and think powerful forces are trying to kick you out...yup," summarizes New York Magazine's Jesse Singal. "'My saying is—again, I’m not racist—every black person has a price.' Actually, that is racist, Brooklyn Landlord Guy," retorts The New Republic's Jamil Smith. "Most white folks in the US don’t even have to be racist themselves — there are people who take care of that for them," realizes freelance journalist Tim Carmody. "Poll: did this racist jerk landlord deserve to be granted anonymity to display his racist jerkery?" asks Lauren Tara LaCapra with Reuters. Deserve? Nah. Need? Most definitely. But we do wonder when (not if) The Internet will ferret him out.

In Philadelphia, six are dead and more than 200 are injured after an Amtrak Train derailed and rolled over on its side. "Video/photos of this Amtrak train derailment look really terrible. Praying for all passengers, crew and families," shares NBC's Lou Dubois. Meanwhile, NYT's Carlotta Gall is the latest person to say that there's at least one detail in Seymour Hersh’s Bin Laden story that rings true. "This makes it harder for the crowd who'd like to paint Seymour Hersh as a crazy old man w/ an Osama bin Laden story," points out WTVF Nashville chief investigative reporter Phil Williams. Elsewhere in scandal, 10 members of Congress are under scrutiny for taking a trip secretly funded by the foreign government. In a major move, the Vatican is poised to recognize Palestinian statehood in a new treaty. Also, a hammer-wielding man reportedly was shot by a New York City police officer this morning because he's apparently the suspect in a series of recent hammer attacks there (?!).

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