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"Holy crap, that was the most curmudgeonly interview I've ever read. Everyone get off Sy Hersh's lawn!" quips KUOW's John Ryan after reading Isaac Chotiner's quarrelsome Q&A with Seymour Hersh (which has earned 4,000+ shares and counting). "Woke up and read this for the fourth time. Ready for the day," announces BuzzFeed's Miriam Elder. There was more than one comparison to Mamet scriptwriting: "Nice try, @Slate. This 'interview' was obviously scripted by Armando Iannucci. Unless it was David Mamet," jokes New York Times film critic A.O. Scott. "Who will film this Mamet-esque walk-n-talk with @AlecBaldwin as Hersh and @MarkRuffalo as @IChotiner?" Grist's Nathanael Johnson offers up the next logical step. "This Hersh interview is unhinged, but 'I don't mean to yell at you but I feel good doing it' is an excellent sign-off," admits SNL Financial's Adam Cancryn. So excellent, we've decided to end all of our phone calls this way.

Enough of the rollicking good times, though, because Politico has uncovered that ABC's George Stephanopoulos gave $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation in recent years but for some reason didn't see fit to mention that while reporting on the Clintons or the nonprofit. "And just like that ABCs biggest brand made it VERY hard for himself to cover Hillary," realizes NYT's Michael Barbaro, to the retweets of many. In other political ruckuses, a college student yelled at Jeb Bush "your brother created ISIS" which we imagine feels a little bit like when a high school teacher already hates you because she had your older sibling already. Still, that's nothing compared with the bad day being had by Missouri House Speaker John Diehl, whose inappropriate texts with an intern have been exposed. And across the pond, The Spectator has lovingly dissected the last days of all those Eds (if you're going to go into politics and your name is Ed, maybe change it while you can).

And turning the page to the most sobering of news, yesterday's deadly train wreck in Philadelphia has left a "disastrous mess" there. Angela Chen with the Wall Street Journal notes, "Amtrak train driver has 'no recollection' of crash/no idea how it happened, though it was going 100 mph in 50 zone." Meanwhile, in the Andaman sea off Thailand, migrants from Myanmar have been spotted adrift. "This is disgusting. Rohingya are being left to die at sea so Malaysia and Thailand can send the 'right message'," denounces VICE's Danny Gold, before demanding, "Where the F**K is the UN?" We'll just let that question hang in the air.

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