Media talk du jour

The publisher of the Clinton Cash bombshell of a book had to correct "7 or 8" inaccurate passages. "Well, is it 7 or 8? I demand accuracy in all admissions of inaccuracy," insists NYDN's Josh GreenmanThe Awl's John Herrman offered up a popular primer on this week's surrender of journalism at Menlo Park--home of Facebook global quarters, for the uninitiated (500+ shares). Peter Kafka with Re/code entreats, "Of course you should read @jwherrman on Facebook eating the world - in this case, publishers." (You should also read it for the unsettling gifs.) Then read The Marshall Project for in-depth look at the one name that makes every politician uncomfortable. Plus, look who just got a sneak preview: it's not a bird, it's not a plane, and it's not a man! Also, we're pretty sure this is your worst KissCam nightmare realized.

Oh, and did you know more than 1,400 people watched a Periscope of Dan Worthington design the Washington Post sports front page last night? We're such unrepentant nerds!

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