SCOOP: NY Post's Paunescu to ... ?

Today Delia Paunescu departs the New York Post for a new mystery destination, which she has ingeniously decided will only officially be revealed on her Snapchat--so here's what you need to do: log on Snapchat right now, follow deliapproved, and press and hold her latest snap (make sure you continue to hold your finger on the screen to view the snap, because when you let go, the snap will disappear!).

"p.s. if you aren't already following my snapchat (sn : deliapproved) you will def want to come tomorrow," Paunescu teased on Twitter yesterday.

Previously with New York Magazine and Food Network, Paunescu also worked at Muck Rack as the phenomenally marvelous writer and editor of the Muck Rack Daily, which, as every one knows, is the best job ever, but we forgive her for leaving us! Read our featured post on her, here.

Meanwhile, on Twitter:

"BON VOYAGE @delia_p!" tweets Mark Graham of The Decider and the New York Post, prompting Karol Markowicz​ to ask, "Where are you off to?"

Paunescu replied, "check the @muckrack daily tomorrow ;)"

... which is what you're doing right now, so go to Delia's Snapchat already!

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