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By now we are possibly the quadrillionth publication to work in the lyrics "The Thrill Is Gone" into a headline, but those words provide an all too fitting tribute to B.B. King, the "defining bluesman for generations," who has just died at 89. "B. B. stood for Blues Boy ... But he was born a King, albeit in a sharecropper’s shack," writes Tim Weiner in a moving New York Times obit. Jonathan S. Landay at McClatchy Newspapers offers a different riff on the lyrics: "The King may be gone, but the thrill will live on." Bill Fitzgerald with CBS 6 WTVR Richmond advises, "Never, ever complain about having to travel for work. This giant once did 342 one-night stands in a year. RIP, BB." He had a guitar he named Lucille who was "always at his side." Bruce Orwall from the Wall Street Journal tweets, "Condolences to Lucille on the passing of the great B.B. King."

Now brace yourselves for a whole lot of politics. In a powerful move, TV3's Ursula Halligan is taking herself off Ireland's referendum coverage because it has "pointed me towards telling the truth about myself" (a powerful post that's earne 23,000+ shares). Kenneth Vogel voyaged into the Western Sahara and found allegations that Hillary Clinton sold her soul for accepting money connected to a government accused of repressing their people. Not to be outdone, Trent Lott, former majority leader of yore, apparently made a fortune lobbying for the ... Kremlin. At Mother JonesJaeah Lee points out that it’s been 6 months since Tamir Rice died and the cop who killed him has yet to be questioned. "His partner, who stood by & gave dying [12 year old] no aid, also not interviewed by investigators," adds EIC Clara Jeffery

Meanwhile, the reason why some male members of Congress won’t have one-on-one meetings with female staffers is essentially because they "think they're too f**kable, so they're banning women from private meetings," summarizes Digg's Steve Rousseau. Not to, uh, put too fine a point on it. Oh, and don't forget, Mitt Romney will be boxing Evander Holyfield tonight for charity and he promises to stay far away from Holyfield's ears. A treasure trove of quotes awaits you beyond that link, but we'll nudge you toward a favorite chosen by NBC's Carrie Dann: "This is the Romneyest Romneying."

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