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Where to begin? Well, yesterday we mentioned that George Stephanopoulos was in (scalding) hot water for his previously undisclosed $50,000 contribution to The Clinton Foundation (9,000+ shares so far). "It's amazing that anyone ever considered George Stephanopoulos to be an unbiased journalist," remarks The Virginian-Pilot's Harry Minium Jr. Now here's Jack Shafer to talk about the Stephanopoulos mess, or as colleague Hadas Gold chooses to call it, "George Stepha-snafu." Shafer writes, ""Stephanopoulos, who has excelled at politics and journalism, appears to have failed both professions ..." On the brighter side of media, however, the 2015 Gerald Loeb Award Finalists have been announced by UCLA Anderson School of Management. 

And now for something that deserves a paragraph of its own: The Patriots' lawyers just tried to put The Wells Report in context. "The Patriots just got all shouty and ALL CAPS in their annotated attack on the Wells Report," elaborates Shane Dingman at the Globe and Mail. "I was really, really, really hoping this site was just a picture of the Patriots' Super Bowl trophies," admits Boston Magazine's David Bernstein. "Good lord, Patriots. TL;DR," reacts Arizona Report's Andrew Joseph. "Shorter Dan Goldberg: They hate us cause they ain't us," abbreviates Huffington Post's Nick Baumann, after gleefully scattering the link like dandelion seeds all over Twitter. "At this point, I can't wait for the response to the rebuttal to the response to the rebuttal to the Wells Report," concludes Ebenezer Samuel with the New York Daily News. But not everyone was so derisive. "The Pats made the Wells investigation look like Swiss cheese. The 'integrity of the game' was hurt more by Wells," argues TJ Del Santo at WPRI Providence.

One more thing that just popped up: Nathaniel Popper takes on decoding the enigma of Satoshi Nakamoto for the NY Times. Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal tweets, "@nathanielpopper is the latest to strongly suspect that Satoshi Nakamoto could be @NickSzabo4." This prompts James Ledbetter with Inc. to wonder, "Is this definitive proof that Newsweek got the wrong Bitcoin inventor?"

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