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"From 'Barkley' to 'Columbiana' -- the diploma mill operating out of Karachi, Pakistan," tweets WBUR Boston's Asma Khalid, describing today's top trending story: the Pakistani company reaping millions from offering fake diplomas for real cash (which is a New York Times scoop that's at 57,000+ shares so far). "If you're a proud graduate of Columbiana, Harvurd, or Prinstun you may want to read this," suggests Wall Street Journal's Spencer Jakab. "Barkley, Columbiana and Mount Lincoln - it's like an episode of the Simpsons, for God's sake," reacts NYT's Bina Shah. "Prayer rooms in #Axact must be overcrowded today as New York Times strikes media drone," surmises Dawn Media's Mubashir Zaidi.

Other big, breaking news this morning concerns President Barack Obama's order to limit military-style equipment for police forces. "President Obama might finally be taking someone's guns away," quips The New Republic's Jamil Smith. The Waco police department posted this morning that 192 people have been arrested after at least nine people were killed there during a shooting between rival motorcycle gangs. "Real-life Sons of Anarchy," Alex Eliseev with Eyewitness News bills it. Finally, a federal jury on Friday condemned Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death for his role in the 2013 Boston Marathon attack. "Huh. Jurors in Tsarnaev case had 2 be willing to impose death penalty to serve. Not the sentence MA residents wanted," notes Huffington Post's Jennifer Bendery.

We hear Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was "the belle of the same-sex ball" as she presided at a gay marriage and emphasized a key word in the process. "One wonders how many requests for conducting gay nuptials conservative justices have received—as purely troll moves," muses legal affairs writer Cristian Farias. Also in politics, Sen. Lindsey Graham has all but confirmed he's running for "best commander-in-chief." In obvious news, the Patriots owner is peeved about the Patriots deflategate penalties. And ABC News boasts an exclusive with Elian Gonzalez (yes, remember him?) wants to come back to America ... as a tourist. But for some reason, ABC decided there wasn't enough room in their headline for those last three words.

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