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This morning's top media story concerns Bill O'Reilly, who is back in bad graces after being accused of domestic violence in a recent custody dispute. How bad are the accusations? Well, his daughter testified she saw him "dragging her mother down a staircase by her neck." Gawker's Adam Weinstein comments, "as a divorced parent, i'm almost as appalled at o'reilly bribing a parenting coordinator as i am at his alleged abuse." Jesse Myerson with Salon dryly remarks, "Weird, he doesn't seem the type prone to fits of rage." At the same time, Dave Gilson at Mother Jones spots "Shades of Henry VIII…"

Something we can all relate to: The Huffington Post digs deep into the mental health epidemic currently plaguing our newsrooms. "Mental health is a problem in the newsroom. Journalists need to talk about it," urges author Gabriel Arana. Simultaneously, BuzzFeed's Susan Cheng brutally exposes what Hollywood's acceptance of sexism looks like in practice, after Cheng and several colleagues faced appalling remarks from a Mad Men star during an interview. "Paul Johansson is a revolting man. Glad @scheng_ wrote about this so the world will know," applauds Eric Geller at The Daily Dot. The biggest irony: Johansson played a despicable pervert on Mad Men, too. "Apparently playing Ferg wasn't a stretch," realizes New York Magazine's Ben Williams

On a lighter note, Barack Obama joined Twitter--again, you ask? Well, that is to say, he just debuted the handle @POTUS and seems to be having fun with it so far--maybe checking off another item from his list that rhymes with "bucket." It didn't take former POTUS Bill Clinton too long to tweet him, either: "Welcome to @Twitter, @POTUS! One question: Does that username stay with the office? #askingforafriend." Oh, we get you.

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