Your Tuesday tidings

"Sid Blumenthal & the Clintons--Is this a Rerun?" tweets Eric Lipton with the New York Times, after a scoop from Michael Schmidt and Nicholas Confessore there revealed that the old Clinton family friend is once again in the glaring spotlight for blurring the lines of politics and business (nearing 6,000 shares now). Only this time around, the setting is Libya. "Key takeaway in @nickconfessore Libya Blumenthal story is less conflicts and more who she takes advice from. Sydney?" marvels NYT's Adam Nagourney. "Hotel California of Clintonville: Once you check in with Bill & Hill, you never leave," jokes Arizona Republic's Doug MacEachern. That's not the only bad news Hillary got this morning, either--the Washington Post is sniffing all over the millions she was paid by the tech industry for speeches. Oh, but look what curious timing: the State department just confirmed it won't release Hillary Clinton's emails until January 2016. "On the upside, if Clinton hadn't already deleted many emails, State's review could have dragged past election day," muses Wall Street Journal's Tim Hanrahan.

In other major news, the lawyer for WaPo's Jason Rezaian says his trial in Iran is set to begin next week. Here's a statement from their executive editor. Meanwhile, Venezuelan officials are suspected of turning their country into a global cocaine hub and a stolen passport sucked an American tourist's identity into Syria's war. And one more thing worth your time: a staggering new study suggests that the suicide rate for black children has surged in just two decades.

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