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"To the end, Letterman goes for laughs instead of tears," tweets Daniel E. Slotnik with the New York Times, post-reading Dave Itzkoff's piece on another Dave--David Letterman--and his last night hosting the Late Show after a 33-year run in late-night television(at 13,000 shares and rising). "Letterman on the praise he's received lately: 'Do me a favor. Save a little for my funeral," shares NYT's David Joachim. "Here's the first moments of @Letterman's final show including his trademark sprint across the stage," shares CNNMoney's Frank Pallotta. Fittingly, his last night was played out by the sound of the Foo Fighters, Letterman's favorite band. Which song? Everlong, of course. "This amazing Letterman montage set to 'Everlong' only scrapes the surface of how important Dave is to late light," reflects CNET's Jeff Bakalar. "Those guys sent Letterman off in style, last night!" praises MPR's Barb Abney. But lest we get too sentimental, Rich Juzwiak snaps us back to reality with a brief history of Letterman interacting with his female guests. Samantha Rollins with The Week Magazine offers up a "shoutout to normalized sexual harassment." BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins also notes, "This montage of David Letterman being creepy with female guests is notable for how uniformly unfunny the jokes are."

The State Department is expected to release the first few emails from Hillary Clinton 's private email address in the coming days, and this first batch captures concerns over LIbya. "Obviously emails 'appear to back up Clinton’s claim that she didnt receive classified info' she screened them herself," scoffs Washington Examiner's Sarah Westwood. Elsewhere in politics, Huckabee has decided to skip the Iowa Straw Poll. "Another knife in the back of the wounded Iowa Straw Poll: Huckabee won't play," remarks Aaron Zitner with the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, Fox News is limiting the field to top 10 candidates for the first GOP presidential debate. "One possible byproduct of GOP debate criteria: low-tier candidates spending money early to boost name ID," theorizes Washington Post's Matea Gold. Guess who probably won't be supporting Carly Fiorina? Her ex-staffers. "'I’d rather go to Iraq than work for Carly Fiorina again,' say ex-staffers. Great piece by @michelleconlin," praises Andy Sullivan from Reuters. Simultaneously, Iowa Republicans are concerned about Jeb Bush's viability.

Here's how D.C.’s law against blocking the sidewalk makes black Americans easy targets. Washington City Paper's Sarah Anne Hughes bills it as "When standing on the sidewalk is a crime." Also in Washington, police are investigating a package filled with cash that was dropped off at door of slain family. "DNA on crust of a pizza helps police identify Md. man who is on the lam and wanted in quadruple murder in NW D.C.," summarizes WaPo's Dana Hedgpeth. Abroad, a recent American mission triggered multiple warnings from the Chinese navy and ISIS fighters have entered the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

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