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"Bob earns his tolerance merit badge," tweets New York Times journalist Erik Olsen, now that the Boy Scouts’ president Robert M. Gates is (finally) calling for an end to that ban on gay leaders (at a very understandable and staggering 50,000+ shares now.) "My husband is an Eagle Scout and now I don't have to say that with some shame in my voice," declares journalist Hillary Kelly. "There are so many great queer adults already involved in scouting and I’m glad we’ll get to stop lying about it soon," reacts The Atlantic's Robinson Meyer. But as WHYY's Eugene Sonn tweets, "troops sponsored by Mormons and Catholic churches will resist I bet." Casey Newton at The Verge also couldn't help but point out, "Note the casual implication from Mr. Boy Scout Man that he wishes gay people didn't exist." TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington interprets by way of reply, "'i tried my best to wish them away, but we’re stuck with the lemons so it’s time to make lemonade *sniff*'." Newton quips in response, "delicious lemony gay people." Sigh. Well, baby steps, and whatnot.

On to other breaking news: so you're nowhere near the West Coast and you think you're not contributing to California's drought? Have another think. Drop this trivia at your next social gathering: twenty of the world's biggest banks have paid more in fines for their misdeeds than the annual economy of Greece. Speaking of Greece, here are the only three people worth listening to on that subject. Abroad, the people of Palmyra are trapped between ISIS executions and their government's haphazard bombing, while Israel's new deputy foreign minister announces "This land is ours. All of it is ours," which calls for some dusting off and sharing of this video. On the justice beat, the pizza crust-consuming suspect in D.C.'s ghastly Woodley Park quadruple slaying reportedly is in custody while six Baltimore officers have been indicted at last in the death of Freddie Gray. Meanwhile, Kansas essentially is punishing poor people for being on the losing end of capitalism. 

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