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Our last question asked: Why do scientists theorize that women are so much more likely to make it to the impressive position of "oldest in the world?" Some scientists think the two X chromosomes may explain why 90% of supercentenarians are female. “The second X is like a backup."

Congratulations to Josephine Dorado, president of Fulbright New York, for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Ron Casalotti (who answered "No, not the beer, the XX chromosones' built in backup if one fails, vs males' XY"), Hollywood Highlands and Ken Walker for all getting that exactly right! Shout out to Jacquie Burchard (who suggested perhaps "women are too smart" to take some of the life-threatening risks that men do) and Carrie Gray (who answered "if you're married, then you know already") for their snarky, amusing (if not scientific) responses!

As for today's question, here it is: How did a journalist trick news outlets into thinking chocolate makes you thin? (And why?)

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