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The Guardian is observing a momentous if solemn landmark today--Alan Rusbridger steps down after 20 years as its editor, making way for his successor Katharine Viner. "My last day as Guardian editor. Which, after 20+ yrs, is a bit emotional," he tweets. Here's his farewell. That's not the only legendary journalistic career coming to a halt: after 24 years at the helm of Face the NationBob Schieffer of CBS News will be signing off on Sunday. "I'm a lucky guy. Started reporting when I was 20 & Sunday is my last day as @FaceTheNation host. We'll do what we always do, report the news," Schieffer tweets. Today we are also mourning Charnice Milton, a 27-year-old reporter just killed in D.C. who was shot while trying to cover the exact stories other journalists were not. "So sad; Young reporter got masters at Syracuse and hit by stray bullet near her home. 1 of 6 killed in 6 days in DC," notes USA Today's Jayne O'Donnell.

In press scandals and conflicts, Ireland's media appears to have been muzzled in reporting on a member of Parliament's speech against leading media owner Denis O'Brien. "Irish cellphone mogul shuts down press coverage of alleged sweetheart loan from govt. as revealed in parliament," details NYT's Jim Dwyer. Also, Gawker explains how they're voting on a union, and why. In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Laura Kipnis mourns the demise of free speech in a stand called "My Title IX Inquisition." Lastly, Digiday reveals that only 17 percent of BuzzFeed's traffic goes to news. Although, as Ben Dreyfuss with Mother Jones points out, "I mean, 17 percent is a lot! … news divisions sure as shit don't grab 17 percent of their network's ratings."

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