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Today's top media story concerns the fact that someone impersonated BuzzFeed's Jessica Testa in order to trick an alleged sexual assault victim into revealing herself. "Hi, please do not respond to emails from jtes1984@gmail.com," Testa warns on Twitter. And who is suspect #1? Just guess. Okay, we'll just let Testa's colleague Adam Serwer tell you: "Chuck Johnson won't deny impersonating @BuzzFeedNews' @jtes to doxx an alleged assault victim." Freelance journalist Zerlina Maxwell concludes, "Despicable behavior documented here, both impersonating @jtes but also fact that RAPE SURVIVORS doxxed w/ regularity." Oh, and here's another terrific takeaway, as tweeted by John Schwartz with the New York Times: "'Cat pornographers aren’t journalists,' Chuck Johnson tells a Buzzfeed journalist, without discernible self knowledge." If BuzzFeed is boiled down to cat pornography, we invite you to do the same to Johnson's GotNews. No, really. Tweet us your thoughts.

Here's an equally popular media piece, in which Washingtonian's Andrew Beaujon wonders, "Why Does Everyone Want Wesley Lowery to Shut Up?" and in which he turns Lowery into a Rorschach blot test. "I see a coughing alien," reveals Beaujon's onetime colleague, Kristen Hare of Poynter. "I had no idea @WesleyLowery was 24 years old. Also, I personally don't want him to shut up," confesses Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic. "@WesleyLowery making the story about himself yet again smh," teases HuffPo's Ryan J. Reilly, who was himself arrested along with Lowery (the moment that arguably catapulted Lowery to true Twitterlebrity). "I could answer this more succinctly: They hate him ‘cause they ain’t him," Bloomberg's David Weigel helpfully tweets. You keep doing you, Wes. #freewesley

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