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Our last question asked: According to Washington Post's Roberto Ferdman, we've been drinking our coffee all wrong. What's the right way (and why)? Actually, there were several correct answers, so we'll let our respondents fill in the blanks!

Congratulations to writer/producer Marilyn Parel for being the very first to correctly answer, "Drink coffee at 136 degrees, 9:30 - 11:30am, made with round coffee particles, then nap." Honorable mentions go out to Hollywood Highlands, Anna Reitman (who notes "Double brewing is the key, says he. Has anyone tried a triple?"), John D'Anna, Kim Newman (who correctly adds "we shouldn't drink coffee first thing in the morning"), Rachel Roh (who further details "we should drink coffee when our cortisol levels are low, betw. 10 am-noon and 2 and 5 pm"), and Ken Walker (whose response included a useful chart and the admission that Ferdman's piece "must have dropped my cortisol levels, as it makes me feel like I need coffee"). Shout out to Laura Alix, who confessed she didn't know, but that black with no sugar seemed like the right idea.

As for today's question, here it is: As she nears 100, what is Irene Bergman's advice for enjoying a long career on Wall Street?

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