Your Tuesday takeaways

"Sooo, about those suspicious looking planes you see circling your neighborhood," tweets AJ+ producer Sarah Nasr, prefacing the Associated Press revelation that the FBI is indeed behind the mysterious surveillance aircraft recently spotted over U.S. cities (1,600 shares and mounting). "FBI wanted the AP cover its tracks on surveillance planes. AP said no," points out Washington Post's Andrea Peterson. "Kudos to the AP for not falling for the FBI's nonsense excuses, re: surveillance planes," cheers Bradford Pearson with Southwest Magazine. Although WRAL's Tyler Dukes confides he's "A little disappointed they didn't use black helicopters tbh." What a missed opportunity.

Meanwhile, freelancer Adrian Chen follows the Russian rabbit down the troll hole while investigating a Russian troll farm known as The Agency. Sounds like a Grisham novel, right? "A fantastic story by @AdrianChen about Russian troll farms -- one that takes a terrifying turn at the end," entices independent journalist Leah Sottile. Also, we kid you not, but Mike Huckabee actually said the following thing: "I Wish I Could've Said I Was Transgender In HS To Shower With The Girls." We prefer the interpretation from John Brummett of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette: "Huck says he wishes he'd gone transgender as a youth." In even seedier dealings, a detainee is alleging CIA sexual abuse and torture that goes far beyond the Senate findings. "'We are going to send you to a place you cannot imagine,' CIA interrogator told prisoner," relays the author, David Rohde of Reuters and The Atlantic. Rohde's report is not for the squeamish.

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