The best of Muck Rack: 6 posts all about social media

The best of Muck Rack: 6 posts all about social media

Here at Muck Rack, we've been publishing useful content for PR professionals and journalists for years.

With 40+ individual contributors and more than 100 posts to the Muck Rack blog just in the past year, we've got a lot of great posts to share on topics that impact those who work in the communications industry like media relations, social media, content marketing, journalism and more.

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In our newest feature, "The Best of Muck Rack," we'll share some of our favorite Muck Rack posts around a certain topic.

Today, let's take a look at Muck Rack's top posts all about social media.

Pitching a journalist on social media? Read this first by Nicole Fallon: "There's an art to connecting with journalists on social media: Do it well, and you'll start a memorable conversation about your story idea. But do it poorly, and you risk not only stepping far beyond the boundaries of a professional relationship, but also ending up on a journalist's — and sometimes even an entire publication's — blacklist."

8 scientifically-proven ways to make your tweets more impactful by Julia Sahin: "Here are some pointers on making your tweets (and social media program) more impactful. Use this guide to craft your next tweets scientifically and strategically and see if you get better results!"

Why Facebook’s pay for play is PR’s saving grace by Amanda Kane: "In the last few months, one of the biggest topics of discussion – and frustration, really – with my colleagues has been the decline of organic reach on Facebook, and the emergence of a new pay-to-play era. And while it’s something we’re all going to have to get used to, I don’t think it’s the end of the world."

5 cardinal rules of interacting with journalists and influencers on Twitter by Alicia Lawrence: "Journalists use Twitter to learn about breaking news, check out the competition, gather story ideas, keep in touch with their audience and more. So what are the cardinal rules for interacting with opinion leaders and journalist on Twitter?"

How to build relationships with media through social channels by Nikki Little: "Just as there are right and wrong ways to connect with media via email or phone, the same holds true for social media. Social channels have become an accepted medium for establishing and strengthening relationships with media, but what’s the best way to build relationships with media through these platforms? And – which channels do media prefer PR pros use for relationship building purposes?"

7 ways technology has changed public relations (besides getting rid of the fax machine) by Julia Sahin: "While I’m extremely appreciative that I no longer have to fax press releases (or anything, really), technology has created a lot of opportunities and just as many challenges for the industry how we do our jobs. Here are seven ways that technology has changed how we do PR for companies and clients."

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