News (not) to know?

"Nothing left to do but say: Congratulations to everyone who didn't write this!" tweets Huffington Post's Jason Linkins of the bewilderingly in-depth New York Times investigation into Marco Rubio and wife's 17 traffic infractions (at 19,000+ shares and counting). "But seriously, traffic tickets? 4 since '97? Marco Rubio should consider this a win. NYT must have zilch on him," concludes Connor Sheets with the International Business Times. "This is what is known in the journo biz as a 'but lede'," explains Washington Post's David Nakamura. "Bigger danger to the public? Sex in the Oval Office or the Bonnie & Clyde of driving?" wonders Network World's Paul McNamara. "s an ex-Floridian, I say this headline should have read: '@marcorubio & his wife cited for driving like Miamians,'" suggests the AP's Michael J. Mishak. Meanwhile, it looks as if a Democratic oppo firm’s fingerprints are all over this story, although the Times firmly denies it.

Stories of that type, however, balance out the gravity of far more sobering bombshells, such as this morning's naming of the alleged Dennis Hastert sex abuse victim. "So now we know some news orgs have known about Hastert's alleged sexual abuse of students for almost a decade," points out Sarah Weinman at Publishers Lunch. "Imagine watching for decades as your brother's molester rose to become one of America's most powerful men (Hastert)," reflects WaPo's Niraj Chokshi. "[Hastert] sex abuse victim's sister came forward & told their story bc she said she wants other victims to speak out too," shares NYT's Liam Stack.

Incredibly, it appears that surgeons in Harbin, China have successfully transplanted the head of one mouse onto the body of another. "There's a mouse walking around with another mouse's head on it," realizes Wall Street Journal's Tim Hanrahan. In an op-ed for the NY Times, Edward Snowden insists the world says no to surveillance. Also, the May jobs report is also out today, while in tech, Apple is rewriting app store economics.

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