Tuesday News Day

"'Usually cheerful, Podesta has a profane alter ego nicknamed Skippy you don’t want to meet.' ??" tweets BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray with some understandable confusion, after reading up on the chairman of Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign and just how cheap a campaign it is (2,000+ shares so far). "This is so clearly a ploy for the cameras that I can't even get through this piece," complains Sarah Westwood from the Washington Examiner. At the National Journal, Shane Goldmacher chimes in, "You can tell how much Team Hillary loves this story because all the campaign flacks are tweeting it this am." Neil Irwin with the New York Times offers a different perspective: "Counterintuitive #hottake: John Podesta's time is valuable enough that he should take Acela or shuttle from NY to DC."

Hill's not the only one with money problems, though--Marco Rubio's struggling, too. "Now we know why Marco Rubio is running for president. He needs the pay increase," quips Daniel Goldstein with the Wall Street Journal and Marketwatch. Also, Rubio's so-called "luxury speedboat" turns out to be basically a dinghy. Elsewhere on the political beat, in 1995 Jeb Bush apparently said unwed mothers should be publically shamed. "The lesson of The Scarlet Letter is that we should shame women.—Jeb Bush, literary theorist," snarks Michael Moyer of Quanta Magazine. And, hey, look--a reporter who doesn't let his sources boss him around! "How @APjdhanna made a private govt meeting public: He walked in and stayed," explains Huffington Post's Michael Calderone. What will our hero do next?! 

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