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Jun 10, 2015

"OMG, there are second chances out there for privileged white dudes! It's like Tinker Belle but with less clapping,"  quips Alex Leo after reading Ben Terris's Washington Post comeback profile on Benny Johnson, who got fired at Buzzfeed and then you will believe what happened next (2,400+ shares and counting). "Being a white guy in journalism is AWESOME!" agrees Helen Popkin at NBC News. Aaron Gordon with Vice calls it "A WaPo piece that refers to its subject by his nickname throughout and ends with a shruggie." Which prompts Dave Jamieson with Huffington Post to reflect, "Curious why @washingtonpost copy desk let subject be referred to as Benny, rather than Johnson, throughout this piece." At ReutersLauren Tara LaCapra takes it one step farther: "This story is so ass-kissy & long all I can do is wonder what's actually the rationale for it." But Christopher Hooks with the Texas Observer warns, "Watch out, Benny: The only thing Americans love more than a redemption story is a second precipitous fall from grace." Sure enough, Gawker's J.K. Trotter is already ready with a scathing rebuke by way of reminding everyone that Johnson’s profile was written by his friend. Well, that explains everything, doesn't it?

Elsewhere in news, a Nobel scientist is in hot water for implying that female scientists cause trouble for men in labs. Or as Business Insider's Rob Price puts it, "Nobel scientist Tim Hunt calls for gender-segregated labs bc women won't stop falling in love with him and crying." In more sobering updates, a suicide bomber just targeted an ancient Egyptian temple in Luxor. "I'm so sorry for my friends on the Nile who live by tourists," tweets Newsweek's Nina Burleigh. A powerful "spy virus" linked to Israel has been targeting hotels used for Iran's nuclear talks, which Jon Williams of ABC News accurately calls the "Stuff of Bond & Bourne." Also, the U.S. Justice Department has subpoenaed to unmask commenters who made death threats (of the wood chipper variety!) against a federal judge. "My first Buzzfeed article: The Justice Department made the classic mistake of reading the comments," declares C.J. Ciaramella. And in Canada, CBC host Evan Solomon has been cut loose after it was discovered he took secret cut of art deals. Dave Seglins with CBC News admits he is "[d]evastatingly tired of CBC follies, abuses of public trust."

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