End-of-week ledes

"Meet the postmodern Rapunzel with locs," invites BuzzFeed's Anup Kaphle, linking to a civil rights leader whose parents say she's disguised herself as black for years (at 34,000+ shares and sure to go even higher). "A white woman pretends to be black for years, including lying about her parents. This story is blowing my mind," admits Beth Elderkin at TouchVision TV. Jeff Yang with the Wall Street Journal calls it "[c]ray to the WTF power." But the conversation in seemingly every newsroom keeps making a leap to the next inevitable comparison: "Serious Q: How can you decide that you're born the wrong sex, but it's illegitimate to decide you're the wrong race?" wonders Mark Hemingway at The Weekly Standard. Well, we might have seen that question coming, eh? "Here's @AdamSerwer with a dark vision of the bad takes that will be coming in the wake of this," helpfully tweets Matthew Perpetua, also at BuzzFeed. At least there's always Gawker to help us figure out once and for all whether we ourselves might be black.

Speaking of Gawker, it's in the fight of its life with that Hulk Hogan sex-tape suit. "Of all the hills for Gawker to die defending, a Hulk Hogan sex tape seems, well, actually strangely appropriate," muses The New Yorker'Patrick Radden Keefe. Twitter has run amok with news that Dick Costolo is out as Twitter chief and oh, P.S., they're removing the 140 character limit from direct messages (!!). In response, FiveThirtyEight's Walter Hickey announces, "the minute this happens I am sending @maxnisen the complete text of Moby Dick over DM to celebrate a bold new world." And in this edition of Vining Kanye When He Thinks No One Is Watching, we can still see you, Yeezy.

In the most serious of news, as West Baltimore’s police presence drops, murders there soar--although journalist Michael Goldfarb bills this as "Achilles sulks in his tent ... the modern version." Meanwhile, Israel has exonerated itself over the Gaza beach killings of four children last year. "Israel's decree that killing 4 young boys playing on a beach is consistent with its laws is quite a self-indictment," concludes The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald. Also, we don't know if this story is true yet, but it sounds completely insane. Lastly, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been acquitted of "aggravated pimping" and apparently is only guilty of seeking "festive and playful moments." 

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