Pontifications from the press

In his much anticipated interview with WTF podcast's Marc Maron, President Barack Obama invoked a painful slur to make a point about racism and nearly broke the Internet. "In case you were wondering: when a president says the N-word, it is quoted without euphemism in The New York Times," helpfully points out Trip Gabriel there. "When the president says it, we publish it," further explains David Joachim. "What's the last media interview Obama did that generated this much news?" wonders Matt Pearce at the LA Times. Columnist Connie Schultz is calling it "The most candid interview we've seen with Barack Obama as president."

Speaking of the Times, NYT's Amy Chozick tells Cosmopolitan how she got the Hillary beat there. "I moved to NYC with no job, no apt and stack of Daily Texan clips. Thanks @Cosmopolitan for letting me spill my story," Chozick tweets. "The next time someone asks me how to get started in journalism, I think I'll just have them read this," decides political analyst Jeff Greenfield. Meanwhile, a CNN intern wearing a GoPro camera riles the Supreme Court. "Would it have killed CNN to just take the blame for this rather than throw a named intern under the bus?" wonders Jon Swaine at the Guardian US. Oh, and Clickhole wins the world again, pretending that ISIS released a 2-star review of "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea," thereby proving once again "no act too atrocious for the terrorist organization." Matt Greene concludes, "It's 9:12 am and the bar has been set. Will I read anything funnier today?" We posit not.

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