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Our last question asked: Who won this year's "Father of the Year​" award? (And yes, that is a thing!) That would be George W. Bush, ol' #43--oh, and Morris Goldfarb and David Gonzales were honored, as well.

Congratulations to Claudine Laforce for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Ken Walker, Dan Rosenbaum (who joked "I wuz robbed!"), Chris Lombardi (who soberly observes "Not voting: Iraqis whose dads were killed"), Carrie Gray (who notes "but everyone knows that MY dad is Father-of-the-Year"), Ron Casalotti (who quips "It was unanimous (well, unanimous among Jenna & Barbara)"), Ron Tillotson and Hollywood Highlands for all getting part or all of that right, as well. Shout out to Elizabeth Gillis for guessing "the seahorse!", Thomas Seymat for joking "Stannis Baratheon, surely" and John Wall for suggesting "Steph Curry, for including his daughter in the warrior's press conference?"
As for today's question, here it is: According to the Wall Street Journal and Grammerly, which MLB fan base is the worst at spelling and grammar?
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