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Jun 24, 2015

Our last question asked: According to the Wall Street Journal and Grammerly, which MLB fan base is the worst at spelling and grammar? Well, that would be the Mets. Sorry, Mets fans!

Congratulations to Jeanne Kirk for being the very first to get that right (and she adds, "as a Phillies fan I'm not surprised!"). Ouch! Honorable mentions belong to Ken Walker (who provides this handy chart), Jason Hensel, Jim DeLa (who calls them "our brethren from Queens"), Carrie Gray, Dan Rosenbaum (who responds "meet the Mets. < sigh >"), Ron Casalotti (who adds these are the same fans (as well as others) who "refuse to believe that 'Mets is best' is proper grammar"), Brianne O'Donnell (whose answer is "Unfortunately, it's my team, the Mets. Can we get anything right?!"), Claudine Laforce and Hollywood Highlands for all getting that exactly right, too. Shout out to Tom Bastek, who answered, "I don't care if this is right. As a Yankee fan, it has to be Boston." Fair enough!
As for today's question, here it is: Today we are remembering Don Featherstone, who has died at age 79. What will Featherstone forever be remembered for inventing?
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