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Jun 24, 2015

"The greatest enemy of anti-Muslim fear-mongering and tribal bigotry is . . . . reality," reveals The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald, summarizing the gist of a New York Times tally showing homegrown radicals are more dangerous to U.S. than jihadis (at 10,500+ shares and counting). "Since 9/11, white supremacists and non-Muslim extremists have been twice as lethal on U.S. soil than Islamic radicals," further details BuzzFeed Middle East correspondent Mike Giglio. "It’s why there are so many white Americans in Guatanamo," snarkily adds GlobalPost's Peter Gelling. Although as Scott Conroy at the Huffington Post points out, "In fairness, if they had decided to start counting a day earlier, the totals would've been a bit different."

On that note, don't miss this powerful read from The New Yorker on the families who negotiated with ISIS. "The US gov't treated the families of US hostages more carelessly and terribly than you could even imagine," declares BuzzFeed's Miriam Elder. Meanwhile, documents provided by Edward Snowden indicate a U.S. drone strike killed an Al Qaeda doctor who was trying to implant bombs (brace yourselves) rectally. Just read. Relatedly, it's raising fresh questions over the UK's complicity in the American drone strikes. "Top lawyers say GCHQ sharing intel with US for drones strikes outside recognised warzones likely to be illegal," explains Guardian's Stuart Millar.

Now back to homegrown radicalism. Confederate flag supporters are reacting with a mix of compromise and defiance as they was the battle flag get stripped from the public eye. "Good. Now we know who the assholes are," shrugs journalist Carmen Gentile. Also, "This is a pretty amazing anecdote," shares NYT's Binyamin Appelbaum. But wait! Here's Washington Post's Alexandra Petri to say that every state flag is wrong, really, and why. "BEST FLAG THING EVER. Virginia... there’s a dead guy on your flag? 'Yeah,' Virginia says, shrugging nonchalantly,'" reacts Clarion-Ledger's Therese Apel. Simultaneously, Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) are both interested in reviving a gun control push.

Elsewhere in news, an autopsy of Freddie Gray has revealed a "high-energy" blow contributed to his death. "Freddie Gray's autopsy found he most likely died from the sudden deceleration of the police van he was riding in," explains The New Republic's Jamil Smith. A WaPo exclusive trumpets that corn growers have declared war on sugar as conservative groups jump onboard. Also, although climate deniers are blaming natural factors for temperature changes, NASA data seems to prove otherwise.

Oh, and hey guys--Lexus is working on a functional hoverboard prototype! NBD or anything, etc.

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