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Our last question asked: Today we are remembering Don Featherstone, who has died at age 79. What will Featherstone forever be remembered for inventing? That would be the plastic lawn flamingo, of course. Where would we be without you, Mr. Featherstone?

Kudos to the nonprofit organization FOREGEN for being the very first to answer that correctly. This might mark the first time we've had an organization win the QOTD! Honorable mentions go out to Brianne O'Donnell, Ted Streuli, Thomas Feyer (who confirms he does not have any on his lawn), Ken Walker (who notes he "ended up pitching this yesterday for today's 1A"), Hiram Reisner (who remarks "... and not the John Waters' version!", David Daniel, Eugene Hunt, Margo Howard (who expresses her "undying thanks" for Featherstone's legacy), Carrie Gray, John Wall (who also adds that the flamingos "inadvertently spawned John Waters' career"), Jeanne Kirk, Andrew Holtz, Maureen MacGregor, Charlotte LoBuono (who calls it a "symbol of Americana"), Lucia Walinchus, Francis Hinchey (who asserts "Everyone has a pink flamingo"), Dan Rosenbaum, Meredith D'Agostino, Hollywood Highlands, Rachel Roh, Cynthia Wang, M Edward/Ed Borasky and Alan Blaustein for all getting that right, as well.
As for today's question, here it is: According to yesterday's New York Times, NYC recently has escalated its war on its own personal "white whale." And what would that be?
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