Monday media mash-up

Now that Chris Evans (the British one) has been named the replacement host of BBC's program Top Gear, the journalists of the Guardian have decided to try their hands at auditioning for the role of co-presenter (1,300+ shares so far). We got as far as columnist Polly Toynbee's entry before cracking up (she dubs the F430 Spider "a misogynistic motif of the patriarchal social order"), and we defy you to get any farther. "My favourite thing in the entire world is when The Guardian takes the piss out of itself," declares Stuart Heritage there. "You THINK you love @JeremyClarkson- it's only because you havent seen this yet," suggests Afua Hirsch with Sky News. Hannah Jane Parkinson announces,"@zoesqwilliams driving a kids' BMW is everything."

Speaking of the BBC, it's already a glum week for the broadcasting giant: they've lost TV rights for the Olympics. Ian Dunt with reacts, "This is a disaster. BBC Olympic coverage was incredible, ad-free and brought the country together. Shameful decision." Plus, CNN has some egg on their face after apparently confusing a sex-toy banner with the Isis flag. Nope, we kid you not. And in media cyber brawls, this escalated rather quickly. ... Okay, so it was more like cyber arm-wrestling.

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