Tuesday ledes to read

"Bailing out Greece on Indiegogo!" Julie Xie with the Boston Globe trumpets on Twitter, which is about as simply as you can put it. "Someone is trying to crowdfund a Greece bailout, and donations surging," further explains Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal (the total shares on social media are surging, too). That someone, by the way, would be a London bloke named Thom Feeney, and so far he's successfully raised nearly €190,000 of the total €1.6 billion needed. "Just need €3 from each European," points out Nabila Ahmed, also at Bloomberg News. Plus, as Wall Street Journal's Elana Zak notes, "If you back this UK man's crowdfunding campaign to help Greece, you might just get a salad."

But German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble just told lawmakers in Berlin that Greece could stay in the euro, at least temporarily, even if Greek voters reject austerity. "Schauble making mischief by endorsing 'no'?" wonders WSJ's Simon Nixon. Meanwhile, in a last-minute, diplomatic push, Greece is asking for a new (third) bailout. If you're feeling confused, you know Vox has an explainer for that: here are the answers to 9 questions about the crisis you were too embarrassed to ask. "Important Greece questions answered, like, what is happening in Greece? (in as few words as possible)," quips Laura McGann there. For the latest on what's happening, check in often on this AP post.

Other headlines to heed: Chris Christie's biggest backer apparently will not be writing him big checks any time soon, the Washington Post has put forth another harrowing read on police shooting victims, the U.S. Chamber has been working to fight anti-smoking measures (yes, you read that right), and Uber somehow is boasting revenue growth despite evidence of some serious operating losses.

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