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"3 hours after Varoufakis resignation, his book publisher urges press to write about "#ministerofawesome",tweets Wall Street Journal's Matina Stevis on the resignation of infamous Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis (at 1,000+ shares right now). He made his resignation known, by the way, in a post titled "Minister No More" (at a staggering 60,000 shares). Stevis later adds, "Spox for Varoufakis says he has nothing to do w the publisher email & does not condone language #MinisterofAwesome." Well, shucks. "Varoufakis' book publicist calls him 'possibly the coolest, charismatic and most intelligent Finance minister ever'," shares WSJ's Juliet Samuel. "He said he'd resign if Yes vote won, but Varoufakis quits even w/ a No," notes Daniele Hamamdjian with CTV News. "The creditors did win one thing yesterday, @yanisvaroufakis' scalp. He is no longer finance minister. They loathe him," observes James Schneider with New African Magazine. "Is a deal afoot?" wonders Jim Yardley with the New York Times.

Oh, but wait. This is far from over, as evidenced by this polemic against Germany's hypocrisy in which French economist Thomas Piketty says, "Germany is really the best example of a country that, throughout its history, has never repaid its external debt." Timothy Noah with Politico explains, "Piketty: Germany's postwar economic miracle was built on debt relief. It shouldn't lecture anyone about austerity." At the Courier-Mail, Susan Johnson remarks, "Yeah, what's all this about Greece being the naughty country in the corner of Europe?" Also, as expected, the European Central Bank is maintaining its Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) cap for Greek banks following the "no" win in the Greek referendum, but haircuts have been adjusted. "ECB refuses to give Greek banks extra cash. Athens had warned would run out of money unless extra liquidity," elaborates Jon Williams with ABC News.

On the heels of yet another false D.C./Maryland area alarm, despite what you may have seen tweeted, there has been no indication of a shooting at Walter Reed in Bethesda. "JUST IN Walter Reed: Sources tell @AndreaMcCarren they've been told to stand down, no more resources needed," reveals WUSA 9's Joanie Vasiliadis. You may have also noticed that U.S. Women's soccer team shattered the TV ratings record for soccer with their World Cup win, with more Americans watching than they did the NBA Finals or the Stanley Cup. "WOAH! 21.86 million viewers?!?! WOW!" reacts HLN's Hanna Gordola. Elsewhere in sports, this NASCAR crash is being called "the worst wreck I've ever seen in my life." Dave Briggs with NBC Sports admits, "Thrilled to hear Austin Dillon is ok after terrifying Daytona crash."

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