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Our last question asked: Why is Washington City Paper refusing to photograph the Foo Fighters? Because the band's management team made some pretty unreasonable demands in the contract given to their freelance photographer.

Congratulations to our very first person to answer the question, Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay Times (who tweeted "Because 'the band's contract, to be blunt, sucks.' Basically, @wcp would have to give away their photos.") Honorable mentions belong to Jeanne Kirk (who answered "the band's contract gives them total control & rights to the pictures, not cool!"), Carrie Gray, Cindi Lash, Dan Rosenbaum (who teases "Note to MuckRack: if you use this tweet, you have to pay $" ... will you accept dogecoins, Dan?), Hollywood Highlands and Nina Rach (who calls it "outrageous- no compensation for photographers?") for all getting that exactly right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: According to the New York TImes, what is "taking a toll" on children?
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