#MuckedUp THURSDAY: Fighting for access to public records

#MuckedUp THURSDAY: Fighting for access to public records

Public access to records — especially those of law enforcement — is an increasing source of questions and conflict. Ferguson, Baltimore, North Charleston, Los Angeles: what has gone right and what has gone wrong when it comes to public records, accountability and privacy in the media? 

Many say there is a need for complete transparency among public agencies, but how much is too much? When a community member videotapes police behaving badly and the videos go viral online, the pressure is on for records to be released. What about the privacy rights of innocents caught up in police action, or the privacy rights of policemen? 

This week's #MuckedUp chat is moving to Thursday (temporarily)! Join us on Twitter at 5 p.m. PST Thursday, July 9, to discuss public records and the challenge of access. This #muckedup chat will be moderated by Southern California Public Radio's criminal justice and public safety correspondent, Frank Stoltze (at left), who most recently covered the LAPD shooting death of Ezell Ford. He'll also be joined by executive director of the First Amendment CoalitionPeter Scheer. We invite journalists and members of the public to ask questions, tell personal experiences and share resources regarding public records.  

In collaboration with with First Amendment Coalition, SoCal Public Radio will also be hosting an event at its Crawford Family Forum on July 16 at 7 p.m., called "Pulling Back the Blue Curtain: When should we have access to public records?" Free RSVP here, if you'd like to attend in person.

... Until then, though, be sure to join us this Thursday at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST by following and tweeting with the #muckedup hashtag! As usual, please spread the word on Twitter amongst your friends!

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