News you (didn't) want to know

"Subway's Jared is the target of child porn investigation. ... Are there no heroes left?" wonders Washington Post's Catherine Rampel, sharing one link that's been passed along 6,000+ times alone. "Wait, the Subway spokesperson had his house raided by the Feds?" reacts CNBC's Dominic Chu. The raid comes months after the Jared Foundation's director was arrested on child pornography charges. "When you think you know don't!" observes Kennan Oliphant with WLBT-WDBDMike Armstrong at Global News predicts, "I'm not sure we're going to see Jared as the Subway spox any longer..." "There's not a lot of info here, but the insinuation for Jared Fogel is pretty bad," admits John Bruni.

The Associated Press fought hard and long, and now has triumphed, winning the right to share Bill Cosby's sealed testimony in which he said he got drugs to give women for sex. "Bravo to AP for going to court to get the news and the truth on Bill Cosby. What news outlets need to do more often," remarks Joe Strupp with Media Matters. "And in what universe would we keep that evidence about a serial rapist private because it might 'embarrass' them?" asks The Verge's Benjamin Popper. "Hi, America. Next time, let's not re-victimize women who say they were victims of sexual assault," suggests Carla Correa of the New York Times. Specifically, Cosby admitted in 2005 to getting Quaaludes to give to women with whom he sought sex. Or rather, as Daily Beast's Marlow Stern points out, "One doesn't give women Quaaludes without their knowledge 'for sex,' they do this 'for rape'." For a case study on hypocrisy, read how Bill Cosby’s infamous "Pound Cake" speech has been woven into his latest legal disaster.

Quelle surprise, Donald Trump's D.C. hotel is being built by workers who say they came to this country "illegally." "Donald Trump has made his view on illegal immigrants pretty clear. Except some are helping to build his new hotel," muses Jackson Proskow at Global News. Molly Redden with Mother Jones puts it even more plainly: "What a surprise! Donald Trump says shitty things about Latinos as readily as he relies on their labor." On that note, even documented employees don't get to share much in Trump's wealth, when it comes to the meager 401(k) plan he offers. "You're hired! But forget about being retired," quips Bloomberg's Peggy Collins.

Abroad, Malaysia is freezing six accounts tied to their probe of alleged transfers to Prime Minister Najib Razak, while (speaking of freezing) Chinese trading suspensions just froze $1.4 trillion in shares--yes, trillion. "Chinese companies have found a guaranteed way to prevent investors from selling their shares: suspend trading," shares Amy Resnick with Pensions and Investments Newspaper. And in the Wall Street JournalAnton Troianovski makes the case that Germany’s power has polarized Europe. Colleague Stefanos Chen reflects, "Not their fav comparison: 'German officials...wield more global influence than at any other time since World War II.'" No, we imagine not.

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