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Our last question asked: According to the New York TImes, what is "taking a toll" on children? That would be screen addiction.

Congratulations to Thomas Feyer of the New York Times (of course) for being the first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to Ken Walker, who adds "Taking a toll on parents, too. The kids' screen addiction, I mean. Not … never mind." And yes, a big thank you to everyone who helped us realize the QOTD was missing in yesterday's email version of the Daily--we appreciated your hilarious responses, which included "Today's question is a mystery wrapped in a tortilla" (Jason Hensel), "42" (@znmeb_dfs), "'What is where's the question.' I'll take today's question for $800, Alex" (Mary Perez), or simply blank tweets of your own (looking at you, Craig Pittman, Dan Rosenbaum, Hollywood Highlands and Jack Schofield), "Nada" (Hiram Reisner), "Zen" (stevejbons and Andrew Holtz), various emoji (Jason Shevrin), and "Parmenides (5th century BC) - early western philosopher who considered 'nothing' a concept" (Carrie Gray). Shout out to Bridget O'Brian for asking "Can I win if I provide no answer?" Ask and ye shall receive?

As for today's question, here it is: The Guardian's Oliver Burkeman wants you to stop doing what, exactly?
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