Tuesday media talk

The Guardian has introduced into media circles a startling question: Is BBC considering a move to making their news channel online only--by 2020? At SkyNews, Tom Cheshire points out he's been trying to warn us for a while, tweeting, "Guardian runs story on Sunday mocking me for asking if BBC news going online ... Tues." Touché, Tom. Also, recall Bloomberg Businessweek's ground-breaking 'What Is Code?' essay? Well, it made smithereens out of the magazine's traffic records. "It turns out you CAN write a 38,000-word online essay/book about 'what is code' and have it be a huge reader hit," observes Drew Armstrong there. The more you know. The Observer (no more New York) just announced its first annual L.A. Power 25 list, full of movers and shakers among Hollywood  entertainment capital. And to end on a delightful note, we must also point you to The Daily Mash's on-point parody piece "Yanis Varoufakis to become mysterious tough drifter." Naomi Kerbel with SkyNews describes it as "Super-Yan to the rescue battling local villains with kung fu."

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