Question of the day

Our last question asked: The Guardian's Oliver Burkeman wants you to stop doing what, exactly? Believe it or not, that would be imbibing iced coffee.

Congratulations to Water & Wall Group for being the very first to answer that correctly (they also added the hashtag #NEVER)! Honorable mentions go out to David Daniel (who calls it a case of the #FirstWorldProblems), Lucia Walinchus (who agrees with Burkeman, calling it "liquid sadness"), Waterfield Designs (who adds "so PUT IT DOWN!"), Jason K. Burnett, Ken Walker (who notes "Surely he'll be happy to know I never started" then adds "But the unintentional subtext is that we should also quit tweeting while in line at the coffee shop"), Jacqueline Ruegger, Dan Rosenbaum (who theorizes "Which means he'd be appalled by my iced tea habit'), Karen Benezra (who adds the hashtag #EndHotCoffeeShaming) and Paul DelColle (who jokes "Coffee. you ain't so hot") for all getting that exactly right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: What large corporation just quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over reports that the chamber is undertaking a lobbying campaign against antismoking laws?
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