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Jul 09, 2015

"South Carolina does the right thing," praises The Week Magazine's Jeff Spross, in the wake of the state assembly's approval of a bill to remove the Confederate flag from State House grounds (21,000 shares and rising). "150 years after the Civil War, South Carolina House votes to #TakeDownTheFlag," summarizes David Beard with Public Radio International. "Some good, after terrible massacre," surmises Bonnie Fuller with Still, the common reaction among journalists did not exactly mirror that of the comments on South Carolina governor Nikki Haley's Facebook post. "A cursory glance at the comments on Haley's post shows why 20 people in the House voted against taking down the flag," notes BuzzFeed's Brandon Wall. But as Science Magazine's Michael Balter points out, "I'm sure a lot of #Nazis were sad too when the #swastika came down."

Also making waves this morning: here's BuzzFeed's exposé of the big lie that helped justify America's war in Afghanistan. "If you can only read 1 thing today (& I say this expecting to publish stories) READ this. Amazing work by @AzmatZahra," praises colleague Johana Bhuiyan. Meanwhile, the IMF has cut its forecast for global growth this year, citing financial-market turbulence from China to Greece. And in American politics, Republican leaders are just now starting to worry Donald Trump might be damaging their image (ya think?). "Point of this story for RNC isn't nec to change Trump's behavior, but to signal to donors that they're trying," shrugs Ben Pershing at National Journal. That hasn't stopped chef Jose Andres from backing out of a restaurant in one of Trump’s hotels, yet Trump vows a long campaign in spite of all of it.

One more must-read for you: Vox's Sarah Kliff reports there’s an infection hospitals can nearly always prevent. So why don’t they?

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