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Our last question asked: What unusual, er, individual ... was recently memorialized by people in Toronto? That would be a dead raccoon, because the city apparently had "forgotten" to pick it up. "Seriously? It's a dead raccoon," said the city employee who finally arrived to collect the body of our fallen comrade.

Congratulations to "compulsive storyteller" Tom Burton for being the very first to answer that correctly (Burton notes "wouldn't draw attention in FL"). Honorable mentions go out to Aislinn (who called it a "beautiful & kind raccoon. Thank you Toronto"), Sarah (who adds "They gave him a rose. He's pretty cute actually"), Maureen MacGregor (who adds a cry of "Rocky!!"), Jayna Wallace, Cindi Lash, Dan Rosenbaum (who jokes "Roadkill Raccoon. Not to be confused with Loudon Wainwright's 'Dead Skunk'"), Chris Cantergiani (who calls it "Simultaneously morbid and fantastic. Best. Vigil. Ever"), DFS Tools by znmeb, Hollywood Highlands, Carrie Gray (who incredulously reacts, "I think there must be some mistake, truly. Hey Toronto, really? memorializing a #deadracoon?"), and Ron Casalotti (who remarks "Because Canadians are even super polite to roadkill") for all getting that exactly right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: What famous performer just filed for bankruptcy today, according to the Wall Street Journal?
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