Heady headlines for Tuesday

"What are we doing making so much history today? And it's only 8 am!" marvels LiveScience's Bahar Gholipour , as news broke that an Iran nuclear deal has been reached after mucho, mucho, mucho negotiations (that New York Times link is at 36,000 shares and climbing). "Love a good ALL CAPS headline via @nytimes," muses Politico's Elena Schneider. And it's warranted, here: the agreement entails temporarily cutting off Iran's "pathway to making a nuclear bomb" in exchange for the relief from U.S. and U.N. economic sanctions. "Can Iran nuclear deal be a step toward total ban?" wonders Scientific American's John Horgan. "The best part of President Obama's speech on #Iran is that Joe Biden is breathing down his neck," adds CNBC's Jane Wells. Still, NYT's David Sanger writes that this is a bet that will take years to pay off. "To understand Obama's deal with Iran, think Nixon goes to China," explains colleague Michael Tackett. Simultaneously, The Atlantic pinpoints what may be the single most important question to ask about the Iran deal. "A morally dubious agreement with a state sponsor of terror that might nevertheless be a national security necessity," author Jeffrey Goldberg teases it on Twitter.

While we're talking deals, the Eric Garner case has just been settled by New York City for all of $5.9 million. "The absurdity of 'NYPD officers did nothing wrong, but on the other hand, here's $5.9m," reacts Guardian's Oliver Burkeman. Also, ProPublica is making waves with its latest report on why choosing the right surgeon matters. "Doesn't get more ambitious or useful than this: @ProPublica launches database of complication rates for 17K surgeons," praises Slate's Alec MacGillis. On that note, check out the incredible app they just created to go along with their investigation. "Now, thanks to @ProPublica, you can see a surgeon’s death and complication rates before choosing them for surgery," elaborates Daniel Victor with the NY Times.

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