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Our last question asked: What famous performer just filed for bankruptcy today, according to the Wall Street JournalThat would be rapper 50 Cent, of course. And you loyal Daily readers did not disappoint in the amazing quips you managed to fit into your answers!

First of all, congratulations to Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times for being the very first to answer that correctly. Honorable mentions belong to Jeanne Kirk, Tom Bastek (who adds "Insert name change joke here_____________"), Hollywood Highlands, Jessica M. Pasko, Gerges Scott, Becky Yerak, Charlotte LoBuono (who also called him "Fitty" Cent), Michael Thrasher (whose response was "50 Cent!? And didn't he make a TON of money with Vitamin Water?" ... Good question!), Chris Lombardi (who calls him ... "of the Dept of Literalized Metaphor"), Marty Ray (who notes "ironic rap name given the circumstances"), Laura Alix (who adds "cue punny headlines"), Erica Smith (whose answer was "50 cent, who apparently doesn't have 50 cents to his name"), Keith R. Pillow, mgraca, Lauren Weaver (who jokes, "No more partying like it's your birthday") Claudine Laforce (whose answer was "Oh, no, 50 Cent! I guess he really needed that dollar"), Cindi Lash (who also asks, "What, no royalties for 'SpytheMovie'?"), Rachel Feinberg, Alva Lewis (who wonders "Does 50 Cent even have 50 cents anymore?"), Carrie Gray (who observes "Having more fun reading all the puns than answering the question"--us, too!), DFS Tools by znmeb (whose answer was "That would be 50 cent rubbing his last two quarters together in court"), Ken Walker, Jason K. Burnett (who suggests "Maybe he should have chosen a more prosperous name?"), Caitlin Frost, Ron Tillotson, Margo Howard (who calls him "The aptly named 50 Cent") and Ron Casalotti, whose answer was "50 Cent, who apparently isn't even worth that (so said Captain Obvious)." Well put, Ron, and everyone else!

As for today's question, here it is: The Guardian is reporting that Google mistakenly revealed what kind of data, recently?
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