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Jul 20, 2015

"While the Donald was in Studio 54 partying, McCain was starving in the 'Hanoi Hilton' prison. Who's the hero here?" pointedly asks Washington Post's Sudarsan Raghavan. After presidential hopeful Donald Trump insisted Sen. John McCain was "not a hero" because he got "captured," the inevitable happened--the media unleashed exactly what Donald Trump was up to while John McCain was suffering as a prisoner of war (at 16,000 shares at the mo). "Two personifications of the Republican dream," muses Globe and Mail's Jacquie McNish. "Many avoided Vietnam," concedes Defense One's Kevin Baron, but "His insult makes this fair." Nick Confessore at the New York Times calls it "Inevitable, and brutal in every way." Here's an "Absolutely killer line," as pointed out by Poynter's Ben Mullin. "After reading this, light bulb finally came on; Trump embodies modern American capitalism-sociopathic greed," realizes journalist Charles Jaco.

Today was especially momentous because the Cuban flag has once again been raised in Washington, symbolizing the restoration of full diplomatic ties between Cuba and the U.S. after 5 decades. "Hello from the Cuban embassy in Washington! Follow me on snapchat wsjpolitics & story here," entreats WSJ's Felicia Schwartz. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to make his historic trip there next month. 

Turning our attention back to gobsmacking gaffes, though, retired general Wesley Clark has come under fire for calling for the internment of "radicalized" Americans. "Creepiest thing about this is call to intern 'disloyal' people. If you're against the drone war are you 'disloyal'?" The Intercept's Murtaza Hussain demands to know. Speaking of fire, The Weekly Standard is reporting that a Bush-Walker dispute has caught fire over the Iran nuclear deal. "Walker suggests 'very possibly' the need to strike Iran militarily on first day in office," shares TIME's Zeke Miller. In a seeming attempt to top that, former Sen. Saxby Chambliss called for the public hanging of Edward Snowden as soon as we "get our hands on him." "Old, bad former senator says Edward Snowden should be 'hung in the courthouse square'," summarizes Motherboard's Jason Koebler.

And if your outrage meter hasn't blown a fuse, this read might put you over the top: Bill Cosby's deposition on how he used fame, drugs and deceit to manipulate young women. "Cosby describes himself as a 'mentor' to the women he raped. And tell me rape is not about power," tweets Mic's Elizabeth Plank.

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