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Our last question asked: The Huffington Post just announced they're going to cover Trump as part of what beat? Normally, one would say "politics," but not in this case. No, HuffPo says they're categorizing coverage of Trump as their entertainment beat. Incidentally, WaPo's Chris Cilizza thinks that's a bad idea.

Congratulations to Jason Shevrin with George Washington University Media Relations for being the very first to get that right. Honorable mentions go out to Anita Ferrer, Jeanne Kirk (who adds "perhaps a specific circus section?"), Thomas Feyer, Eugene Hunt, Corbin Hiar (who remarks "although Trump stories would probably get more interesting comments in HuffPost's Latino Voices section"), News NY and LI, Waterfield Designs (who snarks "as the entertainer (clown) that he is? (Where's the challenge in that one?)"), Hollywood Highlands, Eve Byron (who answers "Entertainment, and he's killing it!"), Ken Walker (who reflects "Entertainment, although that doesn't feel right, either. Why not Comedy?"), janziff, Laurie Pine, Bailey McGowan (who muses, "Wonder if the Kardashian's or the Bachelorette will have more clicks than Mr. Trump?"), and Ron Casalotti (who calls entertaining "undoubtedly one of the Donald's greatest characteristics") and Dawn Burkes for answering correctly, as well. A special shout out to Margo Howard, who guessed "The rich guy with no self-awareness beat? The bankruptcy beat?"

As for today's question, here it is: What infamous "dating" web site (if you can call it that!) reportedly was recently hacked?

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